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For Your Facility


NAP‘s sole focus is to provide comprehensive, customized and dedicated anesthesia services to multi or single specialty ambulatory surgery centers.

• Gastroenterology
• Urology
• Pain Management
• Orthopedics
• Plastics
• Podiatry
• Ophthalmology
• Neurology
• Gynecology
• Pediatrics
• General Surgery


After learning about your facility's situation, needs and goals, one of our Medical Directors will make a site visit to determine the staffing, equipment, drugs and supplies required to develop and implement your new Anesthesia Department.


NAP will provide you with a board certified Anesthesiologist as a remote Medical Director who will be available for consultation on complex cases, and QA verifications.


The next step would be for one of our Compliance Officers and Infection Control Nurses to conduct an on-site evaluation of your accreditation status and needs, and work with your staff to ensure regulatory compliance. This includes developing policies and procedures for your specific facility.


NAP Practice Managers work with the Facility Administrator to understand the unique situational needs of your facility in order to support the seamless management of the Anesthesia Department.


NAP providers are recruited exclusively for your facility, dedicated to your site and available when you need them. NAP Practice Managers and clinical resources are available to anesthesia providers to provide an infrastructure of knowledge and support to ensure just-in-time information and solutions.


NAP pre-credentials all providers.


NAP ensures our providers are contracted with the appropriate insurance carriers before they begin working at your facility, so they are billable from day one..


NAP providers deliver clinical excellence in: Pre-anesthetic preparation and evaluation which includes a pre-op call to every patient. Anesthesia induction, maintenance and emergence, providing end tidal CO2 monitoring for every patient. Post-anesthesia care includes a post-op call to every patient to ensure patient satisfaction. Our providers perform peri-anesthetic and clinical support functions that enhance volume and standards of care.


NAP providers are proficient in the delivery of different types of anesthesia:

• General
• Local
• Regional - skilled in state-of-the-art regional block techniques
• MAC and Conscious Sedation


Medications used by NAP providers can include barbiturates and benzodiazepines, ( Ativan, Librium, Pentobarbital, Valium, Versed, Phenobarbital, Seconal) to calm patients before a procedure, and a combination of paralytics-drugs (Isoflurane Nitrous Oxide, Propofol*, Succinylcholine, Vecuronium) during the procedure.

*Propofol Sedation administered by trained Anesthesiologists and CRNAs to most patients will increase the procedure turn-around time and decrease post-op time.


Our providers carry malpractice insurance, and we can add your facility as an "additionally insured" with our A+ rated provider for $1 million/$10 million at no charge to you, decreasing your overall liability


• We have friendly resources dedicated to work with your patients to assist in managing the anesthesia billing process.

• No hidden fees, no stipends, no subsidies.

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