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Nationwide Anesthesia Partners

Nationwide Anesthesia Partners (NAP) provides comprehensive turn-key outpatient anesthesia services for surgery centers including anesthesia staffing, billing and collections, drugs and equipment, as well as credentialing for both the providers and the facility.

In addition to our standard fee-for-service model, we offer surgery centers an opportunity to participate in the anesthesia revenue generated by their surgical case load with a revolutionary new facility ownership model. Unlike the management models of the past, this model is well within the framework of the most recent OIG opinion letters. The surgeons own and operate a newly formed anesthesia corporation with NAP providing a Medical Director, the anesthesia staffing, an anesthesia billing company, and GPO purchasing power as an independent contractor/consultant. In addition to assisting in the procurement and cost management of anesthesia equipment, drugs and supplies, NAP would also facilitate all the necessary facility accreditation, and credentialing for the anesthesia providers.

This model is very customer-centric, and is customized to meet the unique situational needs and desires of each surgical group. The bottom line is these revolutionary outpatient anesthesia services models allow surgical groups to dramatically increase their revenues in a very challenging medical-economic environment.

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