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• Our single focus is on delivering anesthesia services to ambulatory surgical centers.

• NAP anesthesia providers are board certified, and collaborate with you to understand your environment, your culture and your unique situations to deliver a custom service that gives you the resources you need to do what you do best.

• NAP anesthesia providers quickly build an understanding of your patient flow in order to support your logistics which will optimize OR volume, and the safety and comfort of the patient.

• We take care of all anesthesia related operations in your facility including billing, recruitment and pre-credentialing.


Surgeon's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What is fee-for-service anesthesia?
Do you bill in-network?
To whom do you provide services?
How do you recruit for my ASC?
What about credentialing the NAP providers?
How much will this cost?
What distinguishes NAP from other providers?
What can your patients expect from NAP?


What is fee-for-service anesthesia?
NAP is a fee-for-service anesthesia provider, delivering anesthesia services to your patients at no cost to you or your facility. There are no stipends or subsidies and we handle the administrative work completely. To ensure your productivity, NAP provides 100% anesthesia coverage and we can accommodate your growth, be it through an increased caseload or facility expansion.


Do you bill in-network?
We have the ability to bill in or out-of-network as necessary, but will bill in-network whenever possible to minimize patient expense.


To whom do you provide services?
NAP anesthesia providers, skilled in the administration of all types of anesthesia, work with and multi or single specialty ambulatory surgery centers. Specialties include: ENT, Gastroenterology, General Sugery, Gynecology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Plastics, Podiatry, and Urology. Our providers extend their knowledge of best-practices to support your leadership and bring organizational skills that contribute to efficiencies and increased profits.


How do you recruit for my ASC?
Our parent company is Nationwide Anesthesia Services, Inc. (NASI), one of the oldest and largest full-service anesthesia staffing firms in the USA. NASI’s sole focus is on the recruitment of anesthesiology providers with a reputation for expertise in sourcing and qualifying the talent right for your facility. In the event you have a provider on board that you would like to retain, we can work with you to keep them in the mix.

If you are unhappy with a provider for any reason, we will correct the situation, or replace that provider immediately. We strive to build your team with local providers who also live in and contribute to the community, and are dedicated to you and your facility. Based on your environment, culture and unique situations, we define the performance of a strong provider, so we recruit the right talent for you. Having a dedicated team recruited specifically for your environment can reduce the procedure turn-around time while upholding your standards of quality care. It gives you the resources needed to do what you do best, and it positions your facility for patient satisfaction, increased productivity, and thus increased profits.


What about credentialing the NAP providers?
NAP pre-credentials all partner providers. Our Credentialing Department conducts a rigorous process to verify:

Board Certification
State Licensure
Work History
DEA/CDS/CSR Registration
Malpractice Claims History
Malpractice Insurance
Facility Privileges
Professional References
Query The Federation of State Medical Boards –
Query The Healthcare Integrity and Protection Databank –
Query The National Practitioner Databank –
Query The American Medical Association –
Query e-Verifile –
Query OIG –


How much will this cost?
In the vast majority of fee-for-service arrangements, there are no costs to your facility. We take care of billing for anesthesia services and deal directly with the patient’s insurance provider(s). There are no hidden fees, no stipends, and no subsidies. We have ‘friendly’ resources dedicated to working with your patients to assist in managing the anesthesia billing process. The profits in an ownership model would far exceed costs.


What distinguishes NAP from other providers?
We are a Fee-for Service provider. NAP’s exclusive focus is to deliver a full and complete anesthesia service to your facility, so you can do what you do best. We begin by getting to know your facility and identifying the providers who will complement your unique environment and culture. As a dedicated resource we will collaborate with you and your staff to enhance productivity and achieve consistent results.

Patient satisfaction is boosted through pre-operative telephonic History and Physical interviews the day before surgery, and a follow-up call to the patient post operatively providing assessment of patient’s level of satisfaction.

NAP providers are dedicated to your site and available when you need them. NAP Practice Managers and our Medical Director are also available to provide an infrastructure of knowledge and support ensuring just in time information and solutions.

Your facility has a dedicated Practice Manager ensuring excellence 100% of the time.

We can add your facility as an "additionally insured" with our A+ rated provider for $1 million/$10 million at no charge to you, decreasing your overall liability.

Our anesthesia providers are always kind and courteous to your patients, and provide a follow-up call and survey to determine their level of satisfaction.


What can your patients expect from NAP?
NAP Anesthesia providers contact your patients before their procedure to conduct the History and Physical, and post-operatively to provide an opportunity to focus on quality of care.

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